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CX1 has landed. Key account management will never be the same.

Accelerate the impact account-based selling with tech tailored to the Pharma industry.

The opportunity

How does ClarityCX1 help automate Key Account Management?

In a rush and want to skip straight to the tech? Go to chapter 4. If not, stick around to see what you might be missing from your KAM approach.

Chapter 1

Had a taste of winning big? It's time for a whole bite

Despite a new methodology, there's still a gap when it comes to engaging effectively with customers. Here's how to close it.

Chapter 2

Need to get everyone on the same page?

Reframe the conversation around buy-in to get everyone aligned.

Chapter 3

It's time for the right tech to match your sales methodology

Here's what you should be looking for to make the most of your approach with the right technology.

Chapter 4

Welcome to CX1 .

Solve your Key Account Management automation needs at scale with a light-touch CRM tool.

The opportunity

How does ClarityCX1 help automate Key Account Management

You don't need us to tell you that the way Pharma organizations like to sell and healthcare customers like to buy don't add up. It's why you switched to a strategic account-based approach. So far, so good.

But your organization still has some seriously slow moving parts. Customer engagement at scale hasn't quite landed.

It used to be an ordeal to fix this. The good news? ClarityCX1 fills the gap between your technology and your methodology.

The really good news? You can tell your account teams to move off of Excel (and into the future).

You've almost nailed your account-based approach. How do you cross the finish line?

With a light-touch CRM tool designed with people like you in mind. (Seriously. We've got 12 years of account teams' feedback to prove it).

Let's go

Interest piqued?
Let's tool up together.

Chapter 1

You've had a taste of winning big. ClarityCX1 can help you take a whole bite.

There are some seriously big wins to be had in account-based stakeholder engagement, and you might have landed a few. With the resources in the right places, there are a lot more.

Your organization has honed a new methodology, but pipeline visibility is still seriously lacking.

So you end up spending too much time looking for and qualifying the right opportunities with the right stakeholders. Sound familiar? If you've got the right, purpose-built technology for Key Account Management, it shouldn't.

If you can see everything clearly in one tool, opportunities are spotted. People can pivot quickly. Help is always at hand and everyone is not only on the same page, they're reading from the same book.

How do you close the gap?

People change is the first step (and you've probably taken it). Tech that's tailored to the Pharma market to make it consistent and sustained is the second.

You can skip below to find out more about our CRM tool that's taking account-based stakeholder engagement by storm, or read on to see how to overcome any roadblocks to implementation.

Let's go

Sounds perfect, right?
So, what could get in the way?
We might have an idea.

Chapter 2

Getting everyone on the same page.

The shift to Key Account Management and strategic stakeholder engagement has been underway for quite some time now. It didn't come from nowhere — it's a product of increased complexity and a more diverse set of customer decision makers. So, you're doing your best to pivot. But the current account planning tools aren't built to keep up with the change.

Everyone — from account managers to sales leaders — is anxious about investing in something that once again has big promises, but falls short. And they're worried that anything new will be more pain than gain.

Essentially, people in your organization need proof, not posturing. They probably won't believe the right thing even exists.

They'll need help adjusting to the idea of a new solution to match their upgraded account approach.

It might be hard to wrangle everybody across your business behind something new and shiny when they all have different pains (and aren't afraid to talk about them), but to get buy-in, you need to do just that.

What's next?

Read on to understand what you need to get everyone in your business bought into a new tool — as well as a handy exercise to help you get there.

Chapter 3

It's time for the right tech to accelerate your account-based approach.

Pharma account teams have talked to us for 12 years about the pains of Key Account Management. We listened.

Now, there's an easier way to make the most of your efforts. It's the final piece of the account-based puzzle, which operationalizes your 4 Zones™ approach - embedding it and making it "second nature" across your organization.

What do account teams like yours need?

  • A tech solution that merges the structured approach to Key Account Management and people change you've been working on with the technology to achieve it.
  • A tool that closes the gap between what healthcare professionals expect during engagement with Pharma and what account teams can offer.
  • Something that's systematic, company-wide and plug-and-play.

We've come up with a workbook that helps articulate this value to your organization and shows you how to prepare for a new piece of tech.

Through quick, practical exercises and guidance, our start-up guide will show your teams the benefits of a new technology solution designed to help accelerate your account-based strategy.

It's all you need to speed up your journey and get everyone on the same page.

Download our key account management workbook with just one click

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Chapter 4

Welcome to CX1

Now you know how to get the buy-in you need for a new solution that takes your account-based engagement approach to the next level.

What's next? Take a look at the perfect account planning tool to do the job.

CX1 is designed to solve all your account engagement needs at scale in one easy-to-use tool.

CX1 gives you:

A tailored CRM tool for Pharma account-based teams, built around the 4 Zones methodology that you know works

A piece of tech that keeps pace with your strategy, which is light-touch and easily integrated

Visibility over your sales and accounts processes with tangible ways to measure success

Complete transparency over how to improve performance with detailed metrics such as probability win rates

Personalized features such as hosted learning and development content

So you can:

  • Accelerate your switch to strategic selling and improve sales performance
  • Enhance collaboration across your organization
  • Reduce the burden of tech and processes
  • Increase the seniority and knowledge of your teams
  • Engage in better-qualified opportunities, more frequently

Need a reason to stop deliberating?

Download our workbook for a practical guide to a new approach to account-based stakeholder engagement

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