The future of SAM in HighTech

Blending OmniChannel customer engagement with next gen Strategic Account Management

Do OmniChannel strategies speed up or slow down the sales cycle in HighTech?

It depends. Self-directed sales processes through multiple channels work well for low complexity, transactional buying. When it comes to strategic account management however, OmniChannel can often lead to additional time and steps as decision makers attempt to go deeper into the opportunity cycle before engaging live.

Low cost competitors creating a “race to the bottom?”

The entry of low-cost suppliers is causing consternation among the more established high-tech firms and it’s starting to intensify. What can High-Tech commercial teams do? The answer lies in the ability of the sales/account team to create “separation” and distinguish themselves in the way they build long-term, differentiated value. The right tools, data, insights and competency building can make all the difference.

Getting High-Tech commercial teams on the right opportunity paths.

In today’s High-Tech ecosystems, there’s another point of rationale for picking high probability opportunities that has emerged: Expanding the range of services through innovation and more personalized sales cycles is quickly becoming a key focus of newly formed account relationships and a consideration when figuring out which strategic customers are ready to engage.

More than ever, the right planning tools and data are essential to landing on the highest probability paths.

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