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Strategic Account Management in the age of manufacturing sales complexity


Evolving customer requirements, the increase in the number of suppliers who can compete globally and product commoditization are just a few of the pressure points manufacturing sales teams are experiencing.

“Ask any manufacturer what they think about manufacturing sales. They’ll reply to your question with one word: complex

Source: G2

These days, commercial teams in manufacturing have their hands full. It’s not just finding the paths of least resistance to selling success and managing strategic accounts. It’s the tools, data and processes available to them and the right technology platform to put it all together.

The customer value Tug-of-War for medical device manufacturers…

Creating competitively differentiated solution value for both clinical and administrative decision makers means aligning with competing sets of interests. Bridging this gap is essential for MedTech manufacturers and their account teams. But what is the best way to accomplish this? It takes a combination of strategic account planning, tools, data and insights and the build up of skills and competencies necessary to be competitively differentiated.

Is identifying high-probability accounts getting more challenging for manufacturers?

An over-reliance on data can sometimes lead to poor choices on which accounts and opportunity paths to spend time with. There are other factors beyond the direction offered by data and analytics to consider and new solution technology that can speed up the prioritization process.

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