Automating Strategic Account Management in Life Sciences

Using Vertical SaaS solutions to accelerate SAM

Slow, unpredictable uptake of new products?

Are your commercial teams slow out of the gate to capture market share with new products and solutions? Is it taking too much time for them to develop consistent, unified account and opportunity planning strategies? Process and repeatability are often the culprits and there’s better ways to organize the data analysis they need to move faster.

Account teams not pointed in the same direction?

These days, with everyone from AMs to Reps to Market Access and Medical all calling on the same accounts, not having a unified strategy and common purpose can lead to chaos or worse…. customer stakeholders complaining about the lack or coordination. Maybe it’s time for the right tools to get everyone on the same page for everyone’s sake?

Navigating the complexity of the healthcare market

With all the M&A activity in recent years, the lines have blurred between payers and providers with new types of stakeholders emerging all the time. More layers and more complexity lead to an intensifying need to navigate the ecosystem of connected entities. Pharma organizations need to future-proof their commercial strategies with the right data, planning tools and a deeper understanding of “who’s influencing who” in and around the account.

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