Strategic Account Management is a joint enterprise….. It works better when everyone is on board.

From commercial heads to sales support, learning and development, sales leadership, IT/CRM staffs and the account managers themselves, there are new and powerful ways to move the organization beyond legacy systems and to the next level of SAM.

The 1st Industry Cloud Solution for Strategic Customer Engagement built on Salesforce Lightning


What is CX1™?

CX1™ is finally here!

Meaning more to customer stakeholders

As global commercial organizations continue to accelerate the shift from tactical selling to strategic customer engagement and partnership value, they need supporting business processes, tools and technology that can keep up with them. That’s where CX1™ comes in. Tailored by vertical industry and 100% native to Salesforce Lightning, CX1™ makes it easy for sales and account teams to map stakeholder relationships, identify the sources of decision making influence and manage a larger number of better qualified opportunities as a result.

Sales productivity tools have been around a long time. CX1™ is different. Built for each industry, it takes account teams in every market to the next level and enables commercial teams to understand their customers at a deeper level and mean more to them.

  • B2B Strategic Customer Engagement across the organization
  • Tailored for specific industries: Life Sciences, MedTech, HighTech, Financial Services
  • 100% Native on the Salesforce Lightning platform
Predictable performance with CX1™

INTRODUCING: Win Probability Rates!

Many sales force effectiveness solutions make claims around “increasing deal flow” or “finding more opportunities.” CX1™ takes it one major step further and helps you predict the likelihood of deal closure for the opportunities already in your pipeline. CX1™’s “WIN PROBABILITY RATES” are based on Clarity’s 12+ years “in the trenches” with global B2B account teams and our understanding of how the best-in-class commercial teams increase their chances of deal closure.
  • Sort by Win Probability Rate for each opportunity
  • Identify deals that are getting “stuck” in the pipeline
  • Focus resources on high probability opportunities

CX1™ for Industries

CX1™ is the most effective solution for transitioning Life Science customer-facing teams to strategic customer engagement and meaning more to their customers.

With CX1™ Medical Device commercial teams have a structured, repeatable way to build competitively differentiated account strategies.

CX1™ can help sales teams in the High Tech industry rise above the competition and create long-term value for technology decision makers.      


CX1™ can help Relationship Managers in Corporate Banking translate the value of their solutions and build meaningful and interdependent customer relationships.      

What is Clarity CX1™

What makes CX1™ unique among cloud/SaaS solutions?

Built for Strategic Customer Engagement

CX1™ was built specifically for strategic customer engagement.

Global F100 Experience

The ClarityCX1™ team comes from global fortune 100 company experience.

Meaning More to Your Customers

The focus of CX1™ is to help you mean more to your customers.

100% Native to Salesforce Lightning

CX1™ is built on the award winning Salesforce Lightning Platform

Industry-Specific & Personalized

CX1™ creates a personalized, tailored experience for multiple industry teams.

Better Visibility=Better Performance

CX1™ gives sales & account teams greater visibility leading to greater performance.
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